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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  August 4, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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murdered. and they took shuttle endeavor on their final mission to space. where you can watch them talk about that trip tonight. new at 5:30 tonight, eight pedestrians and one cyclist have died in anne arundel county since the beginning of the year. three of those deaths were on richie highway. the state is making some improvements in an effort to make it safer for drivers and pedestrians. abc's don harrison talked with some commuters today. >> last month, two teenagers were struck while trying to cross richie highway. one of them died. that emphasizes how dangerous richie highway can be. the state highway administration is doing something about it. >> put in crosswalks and audible pedestrian signals with count downs, to make sure there's enough time to cross the road and putting up morning signs for drivers. >> some improvements have been done on the northern end of route 2 and they are working their way south. richie highway is a multilane
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road, it can be difficult to negotiate. it's up to the driver and the pedestrian to make sure it is safe. >> keep an eye out because of a driver is running a red light or doing something wrong themselves, that's going to endanger your life. we need the drivers to be doing their best and we need also those crossing the street to do their best. >> i remember frogger, it's a lot like that. >> erica christian drives on richie highway every day to work. she doesn't envy people who have to walk on route 2. > makes me nervous because i know they are going to try to make a break for it or be there for a long time. >> it would be good to have crosswalks that are upgraded and make it safer for everybody involved. >> the goal is that everybody gets home safely. >> don harrison, abc2 news. now to a developing story tonight. senate majority leader harry reid has announced an agreement
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to ending partial shutdown of the federal aviation administration. that left 74,000 transportation and construction workers without jobs. the senate is expected to accept house bill as early as tomorrow. taking a look at tonight's top stories. the family of a baltimore county man arrested in connection to a porn ring says he has had a long history of mental illness. belongs to an online members only child pornography group. meredith is currently being held in louisiana. his attorney would not comment, he did tell us meredith's mental health is being evaluated by the federal government. a 19-year-old woman pleads guilty to assault and a hate crime for beating a woman.
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in a plea deal, teona brown admitted for beating chrissy polis. the two beat her once, then came back three more times punching and stomping polis while she was still on the ground. polis was beaten so badly she had a seizure. the 14-year-old was found delinquent and is in juvenile detention. brown will be sentenced next month. maryland state police arrested this man, accused him of attacking a woman on the side of interstate 83 last friday. michael henshaw faces a host of charges, including assault and reckless driving. investigators say henshaw and the woman got into a fender bender friday night around the middletown exit. he tried to offer her cash if she would not call police. but the woman ignored him and called 911. that's when he is accused of attacking her. abc2 news is working for you trying to keep you and your family safe.
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brian kuebler shows you how you can use online tools to keep you informed on the crime in your community. >> abc2 news is working for you. we are working with local law enforcement agencies alerting you of crime in your neighborhoods and helping you to protect you and your family. we are continuing to work with the sheriff's office. showing you ways they are keeping you informed of crime in your neighborhood. there are several online resources you can use to connect with the sheriff's department. they teamed up with, where you can subscribe to crime alerts delivered right to your inbox. you can also become a fan on facebook. all of these links can be found directly on the sheriff's office website, and find information on the county's ten most wanted fugitives and a complete list of registered sex offenders. if you don't have internet access, you can subscribe to the phone alerts by calling 410-
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638-4900. next week we'll wrap up our series of crime reports by showing you what to do if you have any information, which could solve a crime. brian kuebler, abc2 news. weather wise, cloudy conditions across central and north eastern maryland today. keeping temperatures down. mainly in the 70s. baltimore northeast baltimore. as it was in casselton. we have no rain with these clouds and temperatures down in the 70s right now. that is nice. middleton 79. perry hall 74. cool 72 in belle air. the rest of this evening, we fall through the 70s, but not much below that. we'll talk about when the heat comes back big time coming up. kelly. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. tropical storm emily drenched part of the anyone can republic early this morning. rain caused flooding and damage to hundreds of homes. emily is expected to hit cuba
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tomorrow, then graze florida on saturday. even though emily looks like it will miss most of the u.s., forecasters are warning the rest of the atlantic hurricane system will be busy. expect up to 19 named storms to develop between now and november 30. in a little less than an hour, members from the shuttle crew endeavor are going to talk about their final mission at john's hopkins university. their crew flew to the station back in may and the commander for that mission, mark kelly, the husband of injured gabrielle giffords. the event is free and open to the public. >> something you might want to check out. joe valentin, a popular nightclub owner, until one night 18 years ago, someone shot and killed her in her own driveway. now her family relives that night as we take a look at her murder in maryland's cold case series. and some tense moments for
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a california teenager when some turns dangerous. how some people nearby helped him escape from a tunnel that collapsed on top of him.
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a trip from niagra falls took a scary turn when a bus flipped over. the bus was going too fast on the highway during a rainstorm when it crashed and then overturned. 30 people injured, 19 had to be taken to the hospital. this is the worst, one woman was trapped under the bus. police believe all the people who were hurt have been released from the hospital. in alabama, a huntsville burned to the ground overnight. firefighters started battling the blaze and saw huge flames. the fire was eventually put out, but one firefighter suffered heat exhaustion. a 17-year-old boy got the flight of his life. the teen was digging a tunnel when all of the sand around him collapsed trapping him. some good samaritans tried to help. >> we got some beach toys.
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we had sand castle buckets and tupper ware that we were digging in the hole with. and people trying to stop the hole from collapsing. the police and the paramedics showed up and they had bigger shovels. the life guards were here. there was a huge effort trying to get this guy out. >> luckily they did. although it wasn't a pleasant experience being stuck in the sand for almost a half an hour. the boy wasn't seriously hurt. well it's that time of year again parents. that back to school shopping. we're going to tell you why some stores want to head to facebook this shopping season. abc2 works for the community. a proud partner of boys hope, girls hope of baltimore.
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installment of the 1993 murder of joann valentin. >> to the rest of the world, she was joann valentin, but to her sisters, linda, pam, and faith, she was their joeby. >> she was fun. that's the best way i can put it. >> joann was a tough girl from pasadena, feisty and fearless. >> let's put it this way, if you went to war, you want someone like joann, because she would have your back. >> joann had it all at 47. vinnie, her loving husband, two handsome sons, a beautiful custom built home, and a thriving nightclub that she and vinnie opened together. >> they had a wonderful, wonderful life. they had a wonderful life and just taken from them. it's just unbelievable. unbelievable that that could
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happen to us. >> it was the morning after a busy saturday night at the club. joann was working alone. >> i knew she was at work without vinnie and i said to her, would you please call me when you get home so i know you're home safely? oh that's foolish. i'll be fine. him not going to call. you get over the top about that calling thing. >> it was around 4:00 a.m. that next morning, september 26, 1993. joann pulled into her driveway off broad water road in arnold. as she stopped outside the house, a group of people approached and they started talking. >> she was conversing with someone. she was conversing with someone she knew or was she conversing with someone she recognized or was she conversing with a total stranger like what are you doing on my property? >> no one knows what they were talking about, but they were talking loud enough that both vinnie and the neighbor woke
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up. >> when he hears what he hears, he comes down on the balcony and her car door is open and the interior of her car is a creamy color. well, he initially thinks she sitting in the car because the way the seats look, the car light was still on. >> as vinnie walked outside, the first shot was fired. the shooter jumped into their car and backed out. vinnie called to them and they fired a second round before speeding out of sight. pam was asleep when the phone rang. >> her oldest son had called me and said his mom had been shot. >> pam lived just a few houses down from joann. she arrived to find a horrific sight unfolding before her. >> you thought you were outside yourself watching television. you see the show on tv all the time, you know, they just are and it's dramatic and it happens at their home and you're looking at it and saying oh my god, this is really us. >> vinnie and the boys paced
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as medical crews loaded joann into the ambulance. pam called her sisters and they all made their way to anne arundel medical center. it was clear when aarrived joann wasn't going to make it. >> i went in to see her and they had one of those blue pumps. they were pumping air into her and her eyes were very fixed and half shut staring at the ceiling. i knew she was dead. i knew they were just keeping her alive. >> joann was later transferred to shock trauma where they could save her organs and tissue for donation. she died as the sun was rising. the sisters gathered at their parents house, hoping to tell them what happened before the story of joann's murder hit the newses. together, the family stood at the foot of the bed where they told joann's elderly parents, joeby was gone. >> some people were crying and men crying. i mean you just crying because you cannot fathom what has happened and you are never
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going to see her again. >> that was josie reporting. just six days after her murder, police arrested two men for shoplifting, but in the trunk of their car, they made a game changing discovery. the two men, they are indicted for joann's murder, but what seems like a solid case falls apart when the defense attorney drops a major bomb. >> we are sitting here talking to you almost 18 years later and still a cold case. i don't want to sound dramatic, but what went wrong? >> got to watch this. josie will have the second half of the story tonight at 11:00. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> all right let's get into it, kind of a gray, kind of a murky day, no question about that. 79 degrees out at bwi right
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now. that's not bad for early august. kind of refreshing, except for the humidity is way up there. 74%. an east breeze blowing. cloudy skies. that was the story all afternoon. look at this. murky most of the day. you finally got some late day clearing out here. toward carol county. socked in with the cloud cover across much of the state. but to the west and southwest, you add more sunshine, temperatures climbed in those areas. maryland's most powerful radar all clear right now. we expect it to stay that way the next 24 to 48 hours. the next good chance of rain late sunday. right now, temperatures 79 at bwi. we have widespread 70s in north eastern and the eastern shore in north eastern maryland. but upper 80s to near 90 down in the northern virginia. just really depends where you are watching from further south and southwest toward d.c. it is hotter, but it is much cooler and like northern hartford county. humidity is higher, but you
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don't notice it as much as the air temperature drops. neighborhood by neighborhood canton about 88. further out of the city, i think temperatures will be in  the mid to upper 80s as well and right now, there's a few showers toward richmond and virginia. not much here in our state and across the entire east coast, relatively quiet. we have a couple storms firing in the mid south. south of memphis, tennessee, down toward mississippi and huntsville, alabama. there are showers and storms there. that hot and humid air and unsettled weather set to stay south of us for another 24 hours or so. as relatively mild air keeps edging into the state. although just barely. another day in the upper 80s tomorrow. perhaps on saturday. but that will begin to change on sunday as the heat builds into sunday and monday. look at the heat south of us today. roanoak. the humidity again locked in across the entire eastern united states. now chances for rain going to
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be minimal. we could see a hit or miss shower overnight. better chance for a hit or miss shower tomorrow evening. we don't pick up on much. saturday looking similar. got an update for you on tropical storm emily. now downgraded by the national hurricane center. now a tropical depression for now. relatively well organized, but weaken storm moves over the high terrain here of the anyone con dominican republic. we stay mostly cloudy and humid tomorrow. your 2-degree guarantee, how about 86. not bad. partly sunny. an easterly breeze. a better chance for a few showers tomorrow night and as we look ahead to your next seven days, here are how things shape up. then into sunday, we see the heat begin to pump back up and that could last for a while.
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that could be around monday, but i do notice that the seven- day forecast shows more and more in the way of 80s as opposed to 90s. we can't seem to get rid of that humidity for another week. we'll see how things develop. >> it's not terrible. we are getting a little bit of break from the heat. >> i think so. today certainly was a welcome change. there were many spots. baltimore and bell air, elkton, north eastern maryland. never out of the 70s. you are scratching your reality check. >> the same state. >> early august in maryland. upper 70s. it was good. we like that. >> all right. thank you very much. let's check in with jamie costello. >> all right, thank you. i'm jamie costello. baltimore mayors decided to get involved in the fight against crime. how she helped one neighborhood becoming safer and help police find criminals. and if you're struggling to lose weight, you may not want to go to bed early. why a good night's rest could shrink your waistline. those stories and much more
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coming up at 6:00. now here's a preview what is ahead on world news at 6:30. coming up on world news, a giant debate over the world's number one selling drug. should it be sold over the counter? how much would you save? and suffocating sand and something we never knew about the moon until now.
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through click to fix and tonight, we wanted to tell you about the new website we're launching at here's how it works. first, log on to there you'll find a slide show and how you can submit problems to us that we can check out. two ways you can reach me. the first is by e-mailing me. we ask that you provide all necessary details to your issue. and they can range from road problems like potholes, housing problems like the one we recently told you in northwest baltimore, even problems that you think affect yours and your family's safety. now if you want to provide a contact number so we can call you back, that would be great too. another way you can reach us is by liking me on facebook. charlie, wmar-tv. there's a link to that on the website, too. you can drop me a line
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throughout the day. i'm always check ting so you can commit your tips and answer them there as well. we are working on several different click to fix angles right now. if we get a story we can help with, we are going to get to it as quickly as possible. charlie crowson, abc2 news. well, retailers are all fighting for a piece of the back to school business. but before you decide where to spend your money, companies are hoping you are going to check out their new facebook stores and deals. target is offering daily deals as part of their 1,000 likes campaign and clothing retailer is even offering a facebook store. sounds like a bargain. >> coming up at 6:00, one accused of beating a transgender woman has her day in court. that story and much more coming up at cbs2 news


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